Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Song of the Orange Pepper Farmer

The first few cautious steps
Into 5th density,
Where the mind of the pepper
Reveals who it is,

There’s exchange of ideas
Instantly, without a wall,
The will bequeathed
Whatever it wants

Your brain is an earth 
Of mighty rivers
Beyond your vapor form,
All-embracing consciousness flows 

As thought that continually unspools 
The toroid to its unified thread
Always from a central point,
The point where you are exactly

In this moment of blue 
Spilling out all
The secrets you thought you knew
But never once came close

Like the comments section
For the press conference 
Announcement read
In the wake of what later occurred

Not one of the posters
With their well-thought-worn theories
Able to call correctly
What the future holds.