Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Sand When I Broke Lyra

The intelligence of the sand
        holding all current
                      in crystalline 
Shifting with each foot,
       and with all
   of the frequency being
               above the sole
       instantly received and
                       with the rest
           Collecting sand

While we, the humans,
           don't even know
                        to bow down
                                in honor
   and try to learn
            a grain of what it knows:
Every touch it was ever bequeathed
            and the meaning of each
   every directive of source
                    through its legions
       carried out
In perfect military simplicity,

   it would be
            for us
            too much
                    to experience 
Except in times like these
        when the wind rustles 
            than one wants
     and the palms
Send their bolts
            to the heart
                     of everything 
    dying, never born,
         never existing
                   or not existing,

The whole of who we are 
    rising instead of the sun,
Still blinding,