Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Last Curdle of Spring

"The greatest of teachers won't hesitate to leave you there by yourself chained to fate." - Ed Kowalczyk

The mind plays
        the music
On the leaves of the cherry tree
               and I
           am also the keys
     listening themselves
                     to existence

     with the images
               of all I am
Projecting on the screen
                     as backlight
            to this projection
                 where things are
                 louder, sharper,
     the easier to remember,
            to think it wasn't me

     but the thought 
            can be isolated
     it doesn't have 
               to be love
The thought can blow
     through the crispest of afternoons
          as a question of itself,
     in all it is not,
                 the humming void
                                that is
     the back yard, the neighbor's dog.