Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Twos-day Hues

The wind in Adelanto brings the flags
To life. Flags are all that is left of the old
Polarities -- there is something in what
They represent that cannot be denatured
Any more, even if the flags cease to
Exist, even as they fly across a
Million roofs, unnoticed by the media
Eye that says what is and is not true
To ever fewer non-material views.

Peace is upon us. Only the center
Can hold. The cloth that moves from side to side
Can no longer inhabit the gap
Between the world as a movie and
The movie as a world. There is only
Divine indifference left for those who drew
Arms against you, in a pique of what is
Unknowable now, the opening for
Explanations gone a long time ago.
There are only the wounds we have that are left,
The reasons for them suddenly vanished,
The long, slow road of letting light come in
When the white window through the clouds opens.