Sunday, February 20, 2022

Conflict Resolution

The crow on the lawn reminds us
That the truth is law

Though it rips apart our hearts
When it's finally told

As a necessary harmony
For anxious silence

And the projectiles fly,
The lunges commence,

Wounds are raised 
Like a m'aider flag,

And there remains only
The steady cry

Of someone who can only
Break down

Instead of acknowledging
What she herself has done

In her habit of assaults
To get what she wants,

The white not yellow cheese,
The soda not the water,

Something as small
And insignificant as her

To be worthy of

Without another person in the way
Of her traumatized love.

She can't listen to any no's
Though she needs to hear them more than most,

She won't yield to any pleas,
Just the demons of impulse

Tearing down the house again
If she cannot have that crumb,

For it is worth, every time,
Taking down everyone,

For there is someone
Who will understand,

Take her away from the scene
With a gentle voice

And promise her she matters 
One more time ...

Thank God there's someone left
Who believes that I am evil.