Monday, November 15, 2021


Rosie’s Eyes
Rosie’s eyes have focused again
seems the same as way back when
back when we believed the lies
we wanted to pretend

The night when it ended
that’s the way I remember her
told me then I was to blame
I watched the full moon die

I had a choice 
to rise above 
it was the same either way

Rosie’s eyes are August again
same old breeze south of the bend
same old waiting moonless skies
dancing in heaven my friend

and if her eyes forecast my end
that’s the way it will always be
some things I can never mend
not far enough away

Here’s the suitcase of my bones
There are rides to everything
I shook the painting off the wall 
I saw the fix works down the hall
Old hookers on their knees 
Begging baby please be in my movie
I see those hills and I believe
There’ll be no more retreat
In my room
I come in shoes without string
I come believing I’ll breathe again
We all wait sadly for the call
We see the mold grow in the hall
I feel the stone inside of me
As a poem left of my heart
With words that say what no one knows
My eyes are closed
And it’s all in my head
Somewhere the sea
Has a table set for me
I welcome you again
My friend
It’s going away

People of the Sun
The streets are too soft
Forgiveness comes too easily
Redemption comes back up the drain
Stands in the basin pretending that it's playing
Pretending that it's playing

There are no words just ghosts
Moving 'cross that old dance floor
To show how long they've held on 
To the dream that followed in the dark
They broke their silence on
They broke their silence on

It's only the lost
Who know the place I'm hiding in
They look through curtains from below
Stare at me through the grate
Like I'm their hero
Like I'm their hero

Go back to a world
Where no one has forgiven them
And where they are invisible
We cannot hear the screaming
Of the living in their dreams
Move like shadows past
Those who think their pain isn't real
Who think their pain isn't real