Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Early one fine morning, the sun never did rise
On sweet Melissa walking, guns behind the blinds.
The rain fell on the street. They say it civilized.
But standing on the pavement, I could not believe my eyes.
It was over in a moment, the terrors of the night.

Some other place somewhere, a shotgun Chevrolet,
Heavy-hooded huntsmen, it’s claimed they got away.
Who’s to say what happened when the killing had begun,
But while the whole town’s watching not a soul could be tried.
The killers hide nearby, not out of sight.

They closed this part of town down many years ago.
The buses run on time. Time moves so slow.
Lost places shaken and stoned, the storefronts live on
While the visionaries and the bankers know exactly what to do:
Put the garbage out the window, keep the many from the few.

All he came with was the story of his name,
Some passed-down fairy tale that filled their hearts 
       with so much shame.
They tried to tell him he could not escape their eyes,
But he just smiled and told them “I’m just lucky to be alive.
Your whole world’s a foreign language but I rob you blind.”

The streets are loneliest at the edges of the day.
Sad rabbits in their safety nets carry home their prey.
They pass the bread around, so proud of what they grew.
I wish that I could say, sweet darling, why it’s not the same for you.
You’re given poisons to forget all the wonders you could do.