Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Relativism 101

"Does the heart have words?" the poet asked...
The men laughed "of course it does not,"
the women motioned but could not make a sound
and the children replied "when a word is smiling,
you know it has come from the heart."

"Does the earth feel pain?" the farmer asked...
The men said it was impossible scientifically,
the women said they feel the pain themselves
and the children asked the earth and reported
"someday you will learn."

"Are people good?" the pilgrim asked...
The men said "some are, some aren't,"
the women said "everyone is good
but everyone needs a little help"
and the children said that "fudge is good
and spiders when they're squashed, but people?"
They'd never had that, maybe it's something they should try.