Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coda for a Ghost

Obama     no-bomb-ed     Osama
for photo        no photo
no body         at sea
like Mafia?        it’s Muslim
not Muslim        no problem
we’ve matched up the DNA
no DNA        facial recognition technology
what photo?        these photos
all phony        national security
the Pakis killed him        no Pakistan involvement (officially)
(they just have all witnesses in custody)
why kill him?        he fired first
he was unarmed         using his wife as a shield
wife was killed         only injured
the woman was not his wife        just some crossfire
but Khalid his son was killed        no, his son Hamza
the neighbor who walked by the house every day
there was no Osama there        you needed an ID
to walk down the street        it was right next to the Military Academy!
inside his house        oval windows
outside his house        they’re all square
his hard drive was full of intelligence
no internet        no cell phone        no dialysis machine
our leaders watched it live on TV    no video, no audio, “fog of war”
“heavily armoured hounds with infared cameras”
assisted the Navy SEALS        but no one knows why the helicopter fell
        and don’t get me started on the towers...

And all of this to celebrate a death
above the other millions that we’ve killed.
It’s time to toast the victory, however temporary, however phony
we paid for with our children and our freedom,
to know what the loss of our money and dignity was for.
It’s the very thinness of the tissues of the lie
that makes us believe it all more strongly.