Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Confessions of a Short Attention Span

I'm a shapeshifter 
The frequencies ...

Now I wear 
A mustard 70's 

And am observed 
By those I've noticed,
Looked at by eyes

I can't see through,
Unlike the moment 
Before ...

But a moment further
I have Billie 
Holiday from the Black Trumpet PA

And I have her 
3 AM voice,
Always someone else ...

And now the Hell's Angels 
Have taken over 
The pool ...

And Aung San 
Has gone
To jail!

Each thought is a leaf 
I pick and exist
Inside of

If I have 
A place
At all -- 

The all must always 
Be nothing, 
Must even close its apertures

To send tiny packets 
Of universe
Kaleidoscopic with light,

A light that imprints its thoughts 
On the sky 
As time lapses,

The shutter closes,
And the bulb of lived experience
Flashes in a wink

That captures
The afterburn 
Of what is natural:

Everything indistinguishable,
Compressed into some middle
Of a love sangwee,

Not the blessed separation,
That thing we asked for,