Monday, October 17, 2022

Mantis 1

Why are cars insects?
      No one has said.
Our frame of reference
      So limited

We look at wings
      On the windshield 
Grooving to an Allman guitar
      As some mechanical

Construction, something children
      Could find a pattern for,
Instead of what it is,
      What exists outside our world

In the cozy dirt
       Where the impossible,
Because invisible,
       Seems easy.

We suck all their sugar away
       But they love
Like we would
       So it's OK,

No one is here anyway,
       The mirror is only a light
And we live like them
       In the shadow

Jumping from reed to reed 
       Through unpredictable breeze
By way of foraging
       As they, they

Watch from above
       And below
On their idols
       Because innocent.

They hover over.
       That's how they fly,
Aware of all life
       As we see nothing.

Their subtle hum is all 
      The subtle hums,
Transparent wings and the palms
      Are one loving murmur.

They are the Gods because 
      The humans won't be.
They control the world, you know,
      Those buzzing invisibles.