Sunday, October 9, 2022

Another Anything Goes Friday

Memories at daybreak
Are a calling cup
Filled with the dusty pulp
Of knowing
And yet, enlarged, not,

A glorious salve
To smooth out the proceedings 
Where the loop just keeps repeating
Our ship cabin stay where
The Flintstones played 24/7

And forgeries hung on the walls
To make us happy
At all the sadnesses of life
In red and gold
And savage silver

As if all that glitters
Is not paper
And won't burn
In the rectory
Where lamps are turned

To inspect with prayer
What isn't there,
The mobius of opportunity
Morphed into the common weasel 
Rasping after every final bite.

So the fashion models
Like all things pass,
Even this moment
Where the earth is just a runway
For the many worlds to playact

Untold ancient themes
With endless stellar races,
Like South Park said,
Protected under the veil 
Of skeptic,

The impressionable child
Who never had the chance to wish
That what obsessed her head was as much 
As a branch of the brush underneath,
A sprig of grass ... er, weed.