Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Silence of Hanna and Jessica

The rain had its way 
And said all it had
To say, and none of it
Got through 

But the look of the cat
Resentful, at its indomitable 
Will to fall, and of all 
We never wanted to hear.

It seemed, as it dropped,
More beautiful,
A meaning that caught us

To tell of those I've hurt
And what I'd forgotten,
How there is no escape
From a storyline

Where every gun 
That is shown
Smokes on its own

And the only actor
Is me, backgrounds
Rolled away, tape
The only evidence of people,

The other characters who,
After they've forced me
To kill them, cannot possibly 
Have ever been.

No magistrate
Can look at my scars
And say that they
Are healed.