Monday, August 29, 2022

Why Life Doesn't Have to be Turned into Celluloid

How can I be the world
     when I am one person,
How can I be one person
     when I am the world?

I am on a beach
     in Southern California
On the last week in August
     and there is no one here.

The volleyball is all net,
     the surfers non-existent,
Still the terns refuse
     to sit in judgement.

The world turns out to be the same
     with me in it or not,
Because I play both sides
     of the poles,

My miniature world 
     at every juncture of the nerves
Sparks the holy wire that does not know
     how to be less.

Conflicts are hatched along this front,
     wars sprung,
Before the dice that decides
     who is who,

But all this ocean promises
     is to chill you to the bone of truth
Without revealing why
     or, really, what it is,

That is for us to solve,
     the specialists
Who flow in tow to where the surfsuds 
     oscillate wildly

But stay somehow true
     to a center where we feel
The place we come from,
     The one thing we've forgotten.