Saturday, August 20, 2022

Curious Love

Of course 
                   There's a larger figure
Looking over this,
                                 Who I know
     As my singularity
                                     At moments
Like these
                   When the horizon
Is the color before death ...

                                  The last
     An Objective God,
Which may be the last
              Of our innocence,
    For which we are
                                   Everlastingly grateful
    That we have the strength
                 For future tests 
                              To love.

It's all that is, 
                       How could there be
    Not Love
                             Against it?
The perfect flex
                            On the other side
     Like male surf
                      To female shore,
The power to cultivate love
     As love discovers
(Having prepared for it with love)
     And loves what it sees,
                      Changing it
             From love to love.

O Sky Above,
                        The next highest frequency
             Of love,
                           Receives the love
      In the unconditionality
             To which all objects glide,
      To the decision of tolerance,
To let it all go, all the misguided
              Suffering done
                             In love's call,
      Pure, real love.

A moon above, 
                            Where the old computer
      Spits out its algorithms
To simplify love to lovelessness;
               They entertain us
      At lunar command
                              With their pose
      Of the False as the True --
                That's funny
                                      To us who
               Of misfortune bestowed
                               On others,
This lighter fluid breeze just now,
        And the innocent pride
                Of laughter
                At having secured
                             For example,
It's just that opposite, against
       Another unguarded spot
                 Of darkness
                          For love curious

Because Phoebe exists
       You'll find her,
       You are her
                  From when you were
You know her
                        And have for all
                        And can freely
Project, as fact, what you believe
                 In a Phoebe,
                                        In fact.