Monday, August 8, 2022

BPPV at Ascend

Oh those vestibular crystals
That spin in the waves,
Maybe it's Mal de Debarquement 
Or Acoustic Neuroma
This abscission 
Of the wires

With no clear distinction 
Between the senses 
And mind
But the gulf widening 
Between what's perceived 
And what is known,

Like the organs of sense
Can finally admit
They stole it long ago
From the greater brain
As a kind of gift,
An objective world!

But the transducers
In the endocrine 
Are succumbing now 
To the pineal antennae
And the light that drills
Through it;

Times are too large 
For the senses,
The truth too important to risk
To the eyes, the ears, the throat.
Maybe now the visible world
Will be visible.