Friday, August 12, 2022

A Peaceful Day of Chaos

That sheet of crystal
  how could the gulls,
         whose eyes are
                  fixed on it,
   receive all it knows
               as it is that?

They stare as only
                  birds can,
   as if some fish
                 of insight
         will rise through 
                      its white,
   rasp what it is
          and what it means
                 and why it

Or are these things 
          for the mind
                   to drop,
    the mind over all
          that wants to

Irretrievable the waves
           and their slow 
    reaching for a touch
                   and knowing 
                   in a moment 
           it will never come,
        but trying again,
    for as long as it takes
              to be at peace
                     with what is,

The gift of lovelessness
    that looks so beautiful,
             the white,
                       the horizon,
    so happy we are trying
                  to get to it,
         hearts drawn in sand,
    couples and their hands,
.            love is all we know.