Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Family Way

Black sheep truth,
     the wail,
Nail to the screw,
A lone wolf cry in a family
     of sheep.

How cold and how cruel
    the deals for love
            bend in this family
For the rawest advantage,
    the most noxious noise,

Remembering shames
    and the guilt suppressed
As all transgressions are retrieved
    in the infinite howl of 
             the slaughtered,

The black sheep howl of truth
    that acts out the martyr
             as assassin
Of all mores, norms, customs
    at objective dysfunction 
             of the ones one loves.

She relies on codependency 
    as existential threat
              to exist
As anything but chaos,
Where the shrewdest 
              take advantage

In a numbers lock
    where we're still imprisoned 
In the bunkbed school
    fated to toil away at
             Funk and Wagnalls

At these latest parties
    in the pinkest resorts 
Where the sharpest of retorts
    are reserved exclusively 
             for those loved the most,

The love most worth of sharing,
    because we are here,
The same horses on the
    same farm
With the same sheriff and wranglers
    and hired guns
               at sundown as dawn.