Thursday, May 26, 2022

Why "The Scripture of the Golden Eternity" is not a Poem: A Literary Analysis

Mad Love for Jack and the Buddha

  1. The I that created the sky
    seems unaware of itself.
  2. The word that is God
    defies definition.
  3. What seems real
    never really seems
    an illusion.
  4. Awakening like the lotus
    out of degradation again,
    still we don't understand
  5. My body is spirit moving
    deaf, dumb and blind.
  6. My non-existence
    is a rumor to me.
  7. Bliss, like the world,
    carves itself to the actual.
  8. The singularity of me
    doesn't equal
    the wholeness of you.
  9. Imagination is the only access
    to a reality that
    only lets nothing enter.
  10. We always must choose
    the movie or the world,
    the dream or waking state --
    how can we learn they're the same?
  11. The dust on us
    by which we know our purity
    means we are no longer pure.
  12. The silence at the center of things
    must be learned, but because
    it is silence, it cannot be.
  13. Knowledge can see everything
    fold into one.
    Wisdom will keep things distinct.
  14. In the beginningless
    was the wordless,
    just beyond the Gods
    to be forgotten.
  15. We know how our forms
    eventually reveal their illusions
    but we don't know what truth
    brings to birth them.
  16. Time is the alcohol
    in the tincture
    that makes it impossible
    to take.
  17. Because of this,
    always comes too late.
  18. Believing the eternal,
    for example, is only a matter
    of how long.
  19. Life forms come to go and go to come.
    Forgetting their bliss
    somehow becomes their bliss.
  20. We've never left 
    the universal mind
    yet we can swear
    on a stack of bibles
  21. When change is the only permanence 
    nothing is left for the changeless.
  22. In the darkness you can confront
    the invisible
    but it's only the absence of light.
  23. Even flies nursing delicate viands
    grow tired of chasing nothing.
  24. The cause of woe is not knowing,
    the cure is not to care.
  25. Emptiness fills up everything
    to make us forget
    we are always hungry.
  26. What you've lost 
    is on the other side
    of the multiverse,
    equally lost.
  27. Like everything that kills,
    you disappear
    to quiet the mind.
  28. You can race across the rapids
    without a kayak
    but mental pictures
  29. To be virtuous is a sin,
    and sinfulness a virtue.
    It turns around and around
    like that because the whole
    can't break itself to parts.
  30. The listener is as sincere
    as you imagine her to be.
  31. The womb where
    everything holy grows
    is dark and empty,
    no wonder what's
    perishable in the light.
  32. The mind exists not to think,
    the heart exists not to feel;
    but we're helpless at birth
    and like cripples make our way.
  33. The golden eternity pretends
    to be you, plays your part
    while you are in another room.
    You come back to
    everyone stunned.
  34. The Carmelites answered everything
    with silence.
    We still can hear the screaming.
  35. We know, somehow, that all
    we call real is false, down here,
    where we pull the wailing bell
    to drown the constant silence
    of our laughter from on high.
  36. There are tears of joy
    as you sense the other shorepeople
    wash through everything near
    and with an impeccable beat
    they turn back to tears of grief.
  37. Jesus and Buddha saw, as they died,
    everyone as the same love,
    thus depriving the others of
    meaning, of being understood.
    There is only the gold of
    their profile that remains. 
  38. Earth was spun into existence
    the way that Heaven was --
    a process we can't possibly comprehend,
    which makes it easy for us to pretend
    they are the same.
  39. The Guru, the Iman, the Rabbi,
    the Most Right Righteous Reverend Don
    has no more humility
    than anyone in the flock
    but has what the laypeople don't,
    spiritual authority,
    so they can breathe easy, say nothing,
    and know the mysteries of life
    make the most compelling stories.
  40. The trees at night 
    are not trees at night,
    which is sometimes comforting,
    sometimes not.
  41. An altar of oranges, frankincense and tea,
    devoted to giving, to the heavenly,
    merely replays the tragedy 
    of the bars in between,
    the renunciation, the only
    image we have of heaven.
  42. It has to happen
    for it not to have happened.
    We have to speak the truth
    to be told that we are wrong --
    that's the peculiar sense of education.
  43. The finality of death
    would teach us to be free
    if not for the finality of birth.
  44. In paradise we stand in line
    to be paralyzed numberless times
    in hell -- yet the only rewards
    we pay attention to here
    are fungible?
  45. If you could see how comically wrong
    the scripture is in heaven,
    you might pay more attention down here.
  46. TIME can tightened or loosened like a bolt,
    SPACE can be escaped like rain from eaves,
    the senses can be turned inward to the universal mind,
    but still our hands, for fun, consistently fail
    to locate the dream alarm in the morning.
  47. Every bee, each cup of tea and blade of grass
    is sacred, even though they don't exist
    and neither do we.
  48. The Earth doesn't need your love,
    the Universe doesn't need to be understood,
    even you do perfectly fine ignoring who you are --
    still all the wise ones want to do
    is foolishly try.
  49. Choices: The mountain is a vision
    of purple heaven, or a thought
    of melting moguls in spring
    or something inaccessible,
    with no feeling or meaning,
    no discernible being.
  50. How perfect to live in an illusion
    and have words to help us believe
    that it is real.
  51. There are moments when I sense the golden
    eternity. It's like every block is made,
    and there's nothing but green to the end zone.
    But the feeling soon fades, and all I want to do
    is field another life-threatening punt.
  52. Kindness begats the eternal milky love of oneness,
    or is it that kindness makes us separate and strange,
    feeling another's uncanny pulse?
  53. It analyzes to vibration, our lives and world,
    and that's okay, for we sense the frequencies anyway,
    of course as something different.
  54. One would think, with the universe in every cell,
    there would be peace -- such perfection in structure!
    How kind of us to conjure such chaos out of
    the scraps we find around, as if we were the Gods
    and the universe was somehow created.
  55. If we can keep our eyes open
    the visible world will disappear
    as if it was the most natural thing to do,
    but focus them we must, as there's someone
    saying now the moon's a space ship,
    completely empty.
  56. "It's a computer simulation, a holographic 
    video game," spits out the latest
    cosmological reports, as usual much easier
    to grasp than the smiling void.
  57. There are times, I suppose,
    when the butterfly doesn't think of being eaten
    and times when humans look at things
    without turning into them, to step away
    from nature momentarily, like a holiday.
  58. Just because your fingerprint resembles
    a certain nebula
    doesn't mean you're not unique.
  59. Cats make us jealous
    when they gaze into those other worlds.
  60. In heaven you'll regret the believing sweetness
    of heart that kept the pitied
    from being conscious of themselves.
    Ah, the golden door, so ever-possible,
    maybe the next time I'll find another 
    level of sincerity.
  61. The perfect loving no-world trance
    requires a mind to imagine it and go there,
    not unlike a cardboard scripture
    putting dusty thoughts into your head.
  62. No evidence of existence, as if that
    ever stopped us, our consciousness 
    causing the world and all, 
    and to both we are oblivious,
    the eternal hush of silence so close
    we think our words express it,
    as we think we don't have dreams
    because we don't seem to remember them.
  63. Coyote the trickster points out the obvious again,
    that transformation is the order of the day,
    but not disclosing the equally pertinent,
    that we have no ability to recognize our former selves.
  64. They say if we see the colors the way they really are
    we'll bounce away from our golden thread
    instantly, so it's a way of keeping us here,
    to experience only in sleep or deep delta
    or some left-brain trauma
    a vision of what some call "mystical":
    the forms dissolving, people merging,
    the line between the center and heart electrified,
    we call it everything, we call it nothing,
    we call it home, we call it heaven,
    this stretch of feeling that makes us,
    for no reason, believe our life has meaning,
    even as the density returns and boundaries re-emerge.
    That's what we do, create from nothing,
    believe from nothing, know that it was all
    a mistake, this terminal view,
    and the lies that visited upon our eyes
    unforgivable. And still we don't know,
    as if knowing mattered, as if it didn't get
    in the way.
  65. Please compare with The Scripture of the Golden Eternity.
  66. There is no Scripture of the Golden Eternity.