Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Kindness of the Earth

It's hard to look past the dying limbs now
To see the flowers we just planted.
Another spring can almost suppress 
The horror. This is happening, the movie

Numbly grinding to its grim resolution,
The sad one kind that calls itself beauty,
Our heroically oblivious fight
Against inevitability.

The decisions that should never have to be made
Now must: the ashes, the organs, the children.
The other world won't allow its peace now;
We must wallow in the bitterness of loss

As if to prepare for a reckoning 
Everyone sees coming without an inkling
How life will change, stuck like flies to the present ointment,
Alive to any scene the sky displays 
So not to contemplate the old wounds, how 
Vengeance will be mine at the end of this 
Awful time, and how that will only make 
The grieving worse, the loneliness more acute.