Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Poem Two

There is a stone star
Beyond the vapor play,
Some tight-lipped center
When constant change
Is stripped away.

It cannot say,
When the forces move
Away from it,
How they should obey,
For they form the truth

By trying every lie.
They are violate
And what they seek
Would spoil with but
A shadow showing.

And so we absorb
The cellular commands
And never feel
How large our bands

As raging light is passed
By dumb to dim reliquary,
Never noting 
What is seen
As it goes by,

What we call sharing,
A common absence
That makes the presence real,
The actual mysterious enough
To not be quite revealed,

Which hurls what is
Ahead of what is not,
A goal that is impossible,
Inaccessible enough
For an infinity of tries.