Saturday, November 6, 2021

Psych Ward on Blackbird

They are divided by gate,
Masked on one side,
Sedated on the other,
And between them
A mirror's polarities,
The inability to communicate
Seen as argument.

Above the floor-plan maze
It all looks the same,
Raw information
Waiting for each one to weigh,
But here, there is the gate,
The bars, the locked door,
The frightened eyes when we say "hello,"

Oh, but you, you
Complete my script
For our movie "Hilarity Ensues,"
You remember the dayglo anecdote 
And its rude Montpelier purple,
You always sequiturize 
My non-sequiturs.

At least you show with your eyes
What others say, 
That they understand.
Without those coherent waves
It's only words,
A salad like the news,
The unbridgeable gap.