Sunday, November 21, 2021

Christian Science Plaza

God appreciates the pathos,
The long steps up to the heal thyself church --
The incurable in the wheelchair below
Just wants to record the bells
For a kind of posterity
Where the city lights the reflecting pool
Empty but still full
Of a kind of life
We can't consciously quantify 
But is oh-too-easy to feel
In the soul
That is kind of called to here,
In scientific arches of faith
And spacious concrete towers
That allow anything you want
With a smile,
But there is something beyond the door,
There always is,
"Cleanliness is impossible" and "bless this mess"
Prevail on the construction tableau,
More repairs for a vessel impenetrable 
Except by faith.

There will never be another Sunday evening like this
-- Even the lights in the dome remember that.