Monday, September 20, 2021

Implications of a Dream

The sun rises so white in the morning
And there are only so many clouds here
To move with one's mind. The general store 
Has a board to track down missing children,
Everybody loves Virginia's cactus garden
And the Katz's made a museum of their children
But that's about all the diversion
On this endless plain and its scorching days.
The stores not far away have little to say.
The tavern is pink and has no windows.

But every night the people from the town
Sneak inside the lighted mound down the road,
Some secret program where they store the clones
And hold the dead in a suspended animation
So that they still think they are alive.
The ladies raid the wardrobe case
Of celebrities for vintage finery 
They parade across the town all night
And return before first tell-tale light.
They fall to sleep gruntled pleasantly.