Tuesday, September 28, 2021

How to Heal a Death Sentence

There is time for the Dragonfly Ranch,
For the societies of ants and the Hawaii Gourd,
For the closed church and road paving delay
In a torrential rain by the coffee plantations
And the yellow butterflies on the lava fields,
The universal vacationers aimless and catatonic
As one by the two-step sea, 
For dynasties of tang and parrotfish,
Manta rays, mamaki and papaya trees,
There is time for the light breaking through
The rapture of green and grey, for the rain,
And for every day that only seems to end
With melodramatic fanfare
And a dark night of the soul
And gratitude at reveille 

For all delays mean you love,
All grace comes in the waiting.
There are only these moments, of course,
There is no time, of course, that exists
Except, of course, that only time can grow
This rainbow flooding the sky in this moment,
As we finally discuss how to tell the world
What is painful, what is real,
What is private.