Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Recursion Crenellations of the Schizophrenic Wolfangels

Edited texts of Hakim Bey, Jacques Derrida and Dan Winter (the three weirdest – and most radical – writers I could think of) combined and randomized multiple times, with resulting phrases selected and arranged as lines

Useless corpse-eaters energies
So-called welfare chaos
Flowers rotten of desiccate hologram
Striate a nostalgia astral
A Babylon milk of chaos-bearing architecture
Brilliant gods of lingam
Escaping of slice censorship labels
Theatre explicit of power
Apocryphal chthonic mechanics grimoires
A deranged sub-reptilian stabilizing bestiary
All of the spinout be unsheathed
The skulls sometimes lucid
First materials at daggers
For jerkwater crimes
Bloated slit-windowed ninja
Usage of invulnerability
Prescience burning
The Me Secret
In every quotidian skyrockets Tara
Paleolithic electricities
Turtles bleeding
Banal with the attributed China
The fedayeen immanence
What courses of sorcery
Blood-astral pornography of propaganda
Independent fractals of ducks
Bombs without evidentality
Writing of octaves implementation regimes
Pewter rebellion
Radical sensually of space and death
Wave polemical of unity anamnesis
Dusk ennui shaft the less sent
Ochre morphology
Denizens of Shiva’s bicyclists
Salacious aesthetic death beautiful
Schizophrenic metaphor agents presence
Your crimes of archaic evil
Fractal for pubescent sea-goddess
Punk desert
Organization ratholes
Artificial burning glances of DNA
Queer oasis crimes
Golden Javanese sultan hags
Forced metalinguistics
Speculative postal time
Rubber Tzara the perfected a
Paradigm words of dimpling dog
Licking heavy poetics
The stars brains books charge
Conjugating ratio eyes
Moses of Worm symbols
The infinite as dragons spoon-bending
Superluminal religion
Immortal cubes
Nothing profane outside statistical
Golden oblivion signatum
Death of God mass
Narrow being essence
Dream cells self-veiling upon satori silk only
bluegrey stupid correcting beauty through double skin conjugating
Fever crimes
Epicurian feral skulls
Feral Babylon Lion majority
Howling Avatars
Rotten time
Slit-windowed artificial depresentation
Moonlight mail-order empire
The sunlight sunflowers become them catalogues
Poetry syntax first horizon
Possible reggae in audience
Victorian astrolabes succubi
Elephant head bathtub Dr. of East
Dodeca star-politics
Sea-serpent on phase-lock
Dimpling of smutty the bluestar grandmother's death golden children
Earth Consensus
Obsolete Antinomians orgone-blue
Independent fractal banking
Full sepia reinterpretation
The break-dancer’s nostalgia weapons
Scotus Pancho
Temporary punk Sybarites
Railroad mind aesthetic
Jasper-green memory Ganesh
Duns Grammatica
Whole violet wave
Attic spies
Love Thunder polemical of playground center blue
And of vorticity by lost otherness
Mad flat pain
Root-system towns
Belated name-wave children desiring dragon dream heart soap
Self-veiling books
Hairless bleeding poetry flowers
Your umber totems of opposition
Flunk-outs surreptitiously atonal
The bloated abbreviation
From tepid communion
Sheltered punk science
Lucid disappeared dreambooks
Dawn Grammatica
Lion changes an infinite mind
Sex linguistics shit-for-brains annihilation
A usage tongue
Alleged chthonic animist between the saboteurs
Trace chain sepia metaphysics
Great implosive to smash
The immortal terror
Flowers messianicity
Anyone serve dreambooks here
Queer waveform theatre
The moonlight immanence censorship
Books will take instructions bleeding
Ennui butterflies
Become quotidian without theory
Postal turtles
The root-system details horoscopy scholars
Secret jasper-green
Polychrome mythopoesis forest
Spoon-bending HooDoo in police-ghosts
Astral Kali the snakes linguistic
Futuristic wormhole class
Implosion octaves
Woven of signatum violet
Javanese feux symbolo bay every There and When
Personal eidolons
The poems wet totalitarian thing
D’artifice violet longing
Thunder mirror of cause
Waste sea-goddess death
Embeds alembics what exemplary dissemination
Logocentric cosmos of playground
Symmetry cubes in oblivion
Stupid Hermes poets
Fails books religion through shaft worm