Monday, June 27, 2011

In Thick Air

Enormity of Summer
the chainsaw finally broke
the Pontiac
that hauls the boat
sags with a flat -
and Hibiscus
have replaced your family -
you cannot see
the neighbors through the weeds -
insanely happy
as you battle giant trees
the shears keep slipping off
your grip
of sweat -
the books don’t look so clear
this time of year
the figures
are a blur
the briefs are longer
than they need to be –
the trains
are running late
but everyone would miss them
otherwise -
someone came at night to paint the whole town phosphorescent
but we are blinded
in our living rooms
where cats are
shoes imbued with jewels
faces with that weariness
before they let it go -
a leaf floats off the dock into the pool