Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Back Pages of the News

We live in interesting times, all I can do amid the daily onslaught of apocalyptic events is to collect phrases and fragments from news stories and try to make it not make sense

Earth is in the birth canal
mob robbery on the rise
dissent is sterilized
by preemptive percussive grenades
at anarchistic hooligans on a debt jubilee parade
from their hidey-holes of preps, guns and gold
to evade the diktats of tribute for the carbon-cargo-cult
or the agitsmut of the illuminazis
and their fetish parasites
by debunking with mass junks
the brain-wrongery of the kleptocracy
and their plans of claustrophobic austerity
for the lemmingarati
with systematic mayhem
psychotronic mind control
meanwhile Iowa tsunamis
Chinese earless rabbits
sandbags on nuke silos
mass coronal comet/planet x ejection extinction events
radioactive wildfires
radioactive urine
radioactive whales