Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gemini Wind

Let’s say we are related
My world connects to yours -
A room to be shared.

Imagine there’s no meaning
In words save what we put there –
Let’s misunderstand.

Pretend we have a contract.
I will tell you what to do
And you won’t listen.

Let’s say that we are brothers
To be free to disagree -
To not surrender.

Imagine that it matters
That we lie and call it truth -
Feel wounded, abused.

Pretend we’re not understood,
That everything comes out wrong -
Mere nods are divine.

Let’s think of ourselves as twins
If it hurts to be the same -
No one will see it.

Imagine that we came from
Different mothers, different times –
I’ll see from your eyes.

Pretend our secret language
Is unknown to you and I -
Would we be less close?

Let’s say that we are lovers
Relying on chemicals
For us to feel one.

Imagine I can hear you
In the natterings of sleep -
That your dream has words.

Pretend that in a crowded
Room we still have endless space -
I can know you then.