Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Law of Spirit, Analogy Five

The best poets, like the best corporations
leave indigenous peoples diseased and dead,
the lungs of the earth in cesspools.

That's why they're paid so handsomely,
to not clean up their messes when they
don't have to.

The product is all that matters
or more precisely, getting people to pay
more than it's worth

Through any means neccesary
protected from the dangerous by the mind
a safety net of nerves.

Show mercy and you're next to be sacrificed,
there'll be room enough for kindness
when you have won.

Gifts turn to tricks, love turns to lust,
it's as natural as breathing,
the mind is so inevitable

Devising new dilemmas for the heart to overcome
the river of atonement
that always solves the puzzles without trying.