Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Japan sinking in the ocean, as presented by various contemporary poetry schools

The Brutalists
You think you have problems?
I was born on Cesspool Harbour
scavenging the rat droppings of empire
in a scow that fished out butkis.

Hera has returned, with petticoat and tidal wave,
to teach what power feels like to the other,
to meet again your gaze, Lili Marlene. Do you feel it now?

Queer Theory
The geishas turn to tears, red
lipstick on the shores of Vancouver, kabuki
dolls dressed in weeds, open kimonos
at the bottom of the sea.

American hybrid
m'aider parade
where have all the origami gone?
I remember my father's transistor
baseball games every night
the way he breathed through them
never Osaka,
never meant to be.

hot greased Asian chick
to rock your night volcano

It's not nice
to fool Mother Nature
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
were only a kind of test
this time it's personal

Learn to breathe through gills
like the ancestors
in perpetual diaspora
still pushing waters across floors

Post Language
zen lemonade
sea anemone anomie
bankers in brine scrapers
smiling buddhas land in Normandy

New Formalists
There once was a man from Kyoto
whose dick, when he came, took a photo
You think that's a trick,
he smiled, accent thick,
if it stays hards I might even float-o

We tried to escape
post-capitalism, tried the evade
the voice, but deep in the interstices
of Nietzsche keen Proustian space
someone thought we were cool,
published us, and now look,
Japan has come loose from its moorings.

Po Mo
Uhura Mazda, the Subaru sisters,
weapons of manga distraction.
Wi is the world, bring good things to life.
Where will we go to blow our brains now?