Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Losing Round with Monsieur Lapin

The giant blue rabbit wants to be famous,
to have his imprint spread across the world,
the hills to peal with huzzahs instead of birds.

Come out of your holes, prick up your ears,
attend to the giant blue rabbit
impressive as hell, who brings the holy shit.

He'll teach you to burrow inside your heart,
keep you from eating the wrong kind of leaf,
show you the shades of the sky you can't see.

Let warrens be renamed, his praises declaimed,
let him be the voice for all the other rabbits,
the one they know themselves by.

May he feed the needs of lovers, obsess scholars,
make the sad and lonely laugh, entertain laborers,
may his utterances be examined like entrails for clues.

May he live the kind of life that is worth living,
may he see the adoration in their eyes
and leave behind something stronger than mere fur.

The alternative is unthinkable,
to be blue in a world of brown,
goliath against the ants that always win.

Where, but among rabbits, can he ever find a home?
Must the chocolates in his pockets be forever buried?
Maybe worms are all that life returns, some usefulness for darkness.