Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pieces of Jade

Riding one more time with Scott LaFaro

Fir hints its depths in such
Rebel chimes
Inlaid pieces move in flux
Clasping nuance
Countering too much sense

Take the coals back to port
Throw more echoes on the floor
Tend the flow
As the spheres drop
To tears
Awkward fretboard
Clear urgencies of keys
Scored on the dissolute seas

For the note that won't squeeze
From arpeggios
As the sails turn to roses
And no one supposes
This voyage will last
For the clouds always steam
Through the mast
And the mists only dream you
Over waves

Into jade
Of shores
Where your people
Hold your glyphs inside

The rising of the toll
Something similar
To the swells inside your soul
Following crystal
That rings incessantly
Below the ocean's lapidary

That endless bending note
That grounds us into dissonance
And beats us with its resonance
Its rhythm violation
That calls immortal birds
From unimagined nests