Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Twin Flame Reunion Redux

How can I write a love song when you're right inside me here?
It's been a long time since I called your name, Vivienne
For the compromise is now accomplished,
The merger of heaven and earth,
All it took was a broken arm, a poem in Latin,
A swarm of women, and love to fill every abyss.

I found you at the thought of death,
At the thought of it uniting us again,
At you there waiting and smiling.
I could, even now, let go in an instant,
Let the candle I am burning here
Turn to one relieved of mourning.

In this memory of our reunion
I create the separation again
And you surround me like a ring,
The kaleidoscope returns,
The glow from somewhere else,
A recollect of a distant time
When my mind was never whole,
My heart was never endless,
When my body didn't melt to every color,
And what I touched didn't turn into the one.

Like those distant times...

In Babylon...
When you grieved behind the temple wall,
A nameless mendicant, the only mourner
For the Goddess who had died.

In Kampuchea..
When we drank pink bisque from ceramic cups
In a hammock while the children laughed
And the jungle emptied except for joy.

In Kyoto...
When we sparred, resisting each other
With sticks and discourse, forever
Went the game, until our skin
Instead of weapons touched,
And we were banished in a flash.

In Ghent...
When we cleaned the massive cathedrals,
St. Theresa in our hearts, no words
From either tongue, but desire always spoken
Beyond the lace hooks and the alchemy books.
I was young and you were superior,
There was not a past or future, only then,
The shape of Latin on lips touched by fingers
Wet with holy waters, the sacrifice was total,
Two brides, two virgin mothers.

In Charlotte...
When we learned how to brush our teeth together,
Wrote down your words in piles of notebooks
That told me everything, but nothing that wasn't love.
I savored every sweetness as your flesh,
You showed me how to find your face in others,
How those things that seem like boundaries
Are overcome by love.

And now...
When I make a gift of all that is to you,
Any flower in my eye at once is yours
And you receive it effortlessly
And give to me the things I see,
Turn them into symbols of your love,
The cardboard world collapses into dust
And the people who are toys betray
With their motions they're machines,
But you fill them up with light just the same,
With a love that doesn't need a sun,
That takes me higher in the jet streams
Beyond the freedom of the clouds.

And now...
We land, again, the iron weight of living
With the ringing in the beam.
I'll let that echo fade,
For it's just a bell that speaks of pain,
Of a small and distant voice that may say
What's to become...

And now...
The eyes, the voice, the mind
My own.