Monday, January 26, 2009

Coyote Howl at Camp McDowell

On the occasion of my son getting out of jail


Homey on the barbed wire penned up inside
Sparking a pyre for the blood of the tribe
Dried like a hide and wrapped in genocide
What's left of the nation fenced behind a reservation
Yet another hierarchal organization bent on separation
And extermination—and the balls to call it self-determination.
The vegetables and animals are in here too
In the niggahhood of dreamers, we the chosen few
Who know about the secrets of the alien race
That's living here inside of us behind our human face
Controlling all we think and feel from up they radar tower
And dripping all they poison on us downwind every hour
Until we're so infected that we shiver and we glower
And sit here on a stick like birds with nothing to devour
Our brains tuned to stations where we're rescued by Jack Bauer.

It's not a crime to find yourself on the streets without a home
Where your friends think you the devil and your spirit is alone
And you contemplate the shit you'll eat to live another day
In the boarded shut, empty eyed holocaust of the streets
Where you are never really sure if it's death or just the heat
When the only way you can survive society's assault and battery
Is through lobotomy and lots of lethal illegal weaponry
But they only put you in another caged rat laboratory
Where your anger grows like cancer and your soul can't breathe
And your mind can't think of truth, and your hands can't feel the real
But everything exactly as they want you to deal
It only goes to show how all the people can be fooled
There's no limit to how cruel or how ruthless is they rule
That makes us say the difference 'tween the ethical and just
It's only medical, and when the patients all are bleeding you must
Apply as many leeches as it takes, ignore the pleadings
They do not know what's good for them, they parts in a factory
Where human potential is joysticked like a wii
And everyone who stumbles in is just a waste of space
Something to be liquified with efficiency and haste
To seed the masters of oblivion with their delicate tastes
For fear and hopelessness and all that humans can give up
A life, a soul, a small sip on the sacred cup
Where we are one and all is us
And there is nothing that divides, not color, gold or lust.

Someday they'll take everything, that day can't come too soon
For we have to watch them wring they hands about what it means to
be human
While they obliterate and consume all that God made holy
Without a passing thought on their way to the mall, see
Them rage against infanticide with they cannons still warm
And the villages in cinders with a fog where the unborn
Turn to petri dish experiments of a master race
Where it all got out of hand when they laid it all to waste
Because they could, case closed, the mind's an atom bomb
That destroys before it thinks about the meaning of the psalm
That sent they armies marching to the corners of the Earth
To say "fuck your shit" to Jesus while they praised his virgin birth
Just some stupid motherfuckers who think God gives them the right
To kill and conquer, rape and steal, take a piss against the light
All the things they good book says would be acceptable for heathens
Who are damned to endless torment for the color of they skin.

Like the people who don't belong there lined up in the slammer
Like flowers on army graveyards or a peace sign on a Hummer.
Meth and Morgellons and the chemtrail rains
All of these toxins are riding the same train
Designed to destroy what's left of our brains
And when you point this out everyone says you insane
But there's no explaining our way out of this hellhole
There's nothing we asked for, no one we know,
It just grows rancid and laughs at our dreams
And tells us to win as we're put on losing teams
Where the hero's always crazy and the sidekick's a thief
And the others can't function without some digitate leaf
And we think it's just a game but they watch us shoot all day
"Don't be paranoid," they say, "shut the fuck up and play"
And days after days after days go by
With nothing accomplished and no signs of life
Of some future state or the original plan
Where we'd have to all be guarded from our millions of fans
Be protected with our harems and our castles and our guns
While our laughing sycophants tried to steal some of our fun
How different this is, the same asphalt sky
The same broken glass, the same alibis
All that you wanted was just none of this,
The thing you was left with at the end of the wish list
And you tell me that I won't survive this, what the fuck?
That you'll pop a cap deep in my craw and wish me luck
As if I would do the same shit to you as well
As if I cared enough about you to send you straight to hell
Your logic blocks don't concern me, and I don't got a rock to sell.

Lotus and a beatbox rolling on some rims
A glock in every pocket, lambswool and some tims
All this useless shit to make you feel more like a man
While oppressors laugh at you because it's just the way they planned
For brothers to kill brothers so they can be bought and sold
On a silver plate, like something biblical foretold
You think you can't be told, you say that's how you roll,
When the meanest motherfucker is invisible
And he feeds on you when you are miserable
Knows your weakness as you reach for more material
And he takes away your soul and sucks upon your bones
And you never even know that he is real
No, he's not the devil or a demon or some nightmare from the streets
Or something deep inside of you that breaks behind the beat
Not something you imagine with a name or place or birth
But pulled in the inferno from the blackness of the earth
To camouflage with fire all the darkness of the sky
And the spirits of your fathers wait for you to find out why...