Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Night Poetry Reading

It's a special year so I thought I'd make a toast...

29-Line Poem

And remember the gifts brought to us by winter...

Closer to a Colder Point

And deeply reflect on the darkness in March...

Memory by Friedrich Holderlin

Andenken (reading in German)

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Rusty Kjarvik said...

I enjoy your readings, in my mind, you conjure a kind of old European theater. I can't possibly muster the enthusiasm to vocalize my writings in this way, as I sometimes collaborate with spoken word artists musically. What an art form! Combining elements of singing, acting, comedy, playing the role of M.C., and on, yet it is a totally unique expression altogether. On this night, Saturday, my wife and I performed music with a well-known local poet in our area, Sheri-D Wilson. Have you heard of her? She founded the Calgary International Spoken Word festival, which brings such names into our small city as John Giorno and Anne Waldman. Fun stuff! I caught John Giorno's performance in Calgary one year. Have you seen him read? Anyway...I appreciate your writing and voicing very much and thank you for your kind statement on one of my recent posts that my writing would be well placed as a spoken piece. I sometimes fantasize that maybe I'll write something well enough that a talented spoken word artist would enjoy to perform it, so please feel free if you'd enjoy to!

Also, great video links you shared with me on the topic of Ancient Egyptian culture. I am well convinced that the cult of Christ is in fact a bout of myth-making from the marble halls of Rome as it began to press ever more firmly on the minds of the children of Egypt. I had heard of Michael Levy's period music. Have you heard Michael Atherton's ancient music productions?

an aside: I once witnessed the performance of an arghula in Egypt, which is a double-reed clarinet, an ancient Egyptian instrument, at the Makan ( in Cairo, whose contemporary makers, they say, you can count on one hand!