Sunday, March 4, 2012


More Information People Aren't Really Ready For
The clenched fist
of us against the world
opens at last
and a butterfly releases
the fist existed just to nurture it
for this moment when it flies away

Nostalgia Before Spring
The crocuses sneer
at all my sorrow
To them, death is only an excuse
to turn purple
All my pain is no less beautiful
for having died first
Yet I hold on to regret
the way I lived
As if that which is gone
defines my worth
Always something shadowing the present
some obsolete gem
That answered every single question

For Phil and Jackie, Who Stayed
This is about
The time I leave

My words and music in a box
Beside the blue suitcase

I turn from faces crying
As if I have no choice

As if the hearth would melt the shore
By the stream that promises nothing

I'm too blinding to be held
Like a diamond in a setting

1 comment:

Hannah Stephenson said...

Oh my....

That first title is a true gem. So funny and wonderful.