Monday, October 31, 2016

Thoughts on the U.S. Presidential Election

I wander thro' each charter'd street,
Near where the charter'd Thames does flow.
And mark in every face I meet
Marks of weakness, marks of woe.

In every cry of every Man,
In every Infants cry of fear,
In every voice: in every ban,
The mind-forg'd manacles I hear

How the Chimney-sweepers cry
Every blackning Church appalls,
And the hapless Soldiers sigh
Runs in blood down Palace walls

But most thro' midnight streets I hear
How the youthful Harlots curse
Blasts the new-born Infants tear
And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse”
                                                               - “London” (1794), William Blake

William Blake describes a time quite similar to our own: a transition in the name of science and business and imperial might from a happier, clearer and more faith-based age to one of immense mental, physical, emotional and spiritual suffering. In our age, the “mind-forged manacles” are electromagnetic fantasy machines that sedate, distract and disempower us from having a clear sense of what’s happening in the outside world. The “Palace” of today is not a figurehead of God draped with gold and weapons but an invisible global financial elite that long ago took away the “divine right of kings” and has invested so thoroughly in society’s means of communication and intellectual persuasion (media, universities, foundations, politicians, charitable and religious institutions) that there barely is a visible alternative anymore to their nauseating and soul-destroying vision of reality. The “Church” of today is a subsidiary but even more destructive power that programs into the populace through the sheer power of its technological suasion the belief that life is a random collection of genetic material that will expire forever at human death, rendering our consciousness and our existence meaningless. Into this stew of mental enslavement come the “youthful Harlots” of the sexualized young, led by celebrity sex slaves, whose permissive and degrading philosophies utterly destroy the sacredness of life, male/female union, and death.

We have submitted to this so thoroughly that most people are blind to the naked reality that this system of control is, in fact, broken. The hypnotized, drugged and frightened populace just accepts the confected conflicts, the soul intrusions, and the chaining to the wheels of perpetual debt because they have better things to do with their lives than despair about things over which they have no influence. But they know, at a level that can’t be snuffed out by the consensus illuminati reality, that they are being manipulated like lab rats with lies.   

And they are, in fact, tired of it.

This is the appeal of Donald J. Trump, a man widely — and not unjustifiably — seen as an unqualified, narcissistic, cruel, plutocratic buffoon. Yet he attracts three times a day 10s of thousands of people – many of whom dropped out of the phony Repiglican/Semicrap dialectic years ago — to his rallies. Millions of people are looking at him — visible flaws and all — as a savior to a system that most think cannot even be fixed. It is a grassroots political movement the likes of which I have never seen before in my life. And its sole purpose is to, at long last, stop the lies.

Trump calls it "draining the swamp" and hoo-boy, it may reflect an ego beyond human imagining to believe it’s even possible, but by-gosh he believes and makes us believe the day of reckoning is at hand, like a new sheriff in town come to redeem his checkered past by throwing out the hired guns and crooked preachers. He is an outsider like us, who is enraged with us and for us at the shocking decline in our country. No more proof that he is not some easily corruptible system politician exists than in his protestations that they are trying to rig the election. The last four (at least) Presidential elections have all been rigged, but he's the first one to stand up so honestly against the system that divides the people and the spoils win or lose. While voters now rightly wonder how much bigger of a personal slush fund the chosen candidate of the global elite, Hillary R. Clinton, can squeeze out of corrupting bankers, lobbyists and dictators as President than as Secretary of State in return for doing their bidding, Trump is so incorruptible he won't even kiss the ass of the Republican party bosses to get the vital support he needs to win the election. He’d rather spend another $10 million of his own money because he knows that support from the rotten system comes with a price tag for the American people.

This incorruptibility gives him the freedom to talk, and the uncomfortable truths he tells may in fact set us all free. There are so many examples of this, from daring to tell Jeb of the powerful Bush crime family that his brother’s wars bankrupted the country for nothing, to having the chutzpah to inform Hillary of the Clinton crime family she would be in jail if he was president. He pierces what the late, great journalist Gavin MacFayden called “the culture of immunity” and in doing so, exposes how arrogant and fraudulent are the justifications used today to justify power. This truth-telling inspires genuine hope, of an honest accounting, from which we can rebuild a strong society from the wreckage of this house of cards we are living under now.

As an example, children are forced now in many states to have massive doses of mind-destroying mercury injected into their bodies at regular intervals during their development, but the only reason we are given for this is that we are a danger to society if we question this practice. In fact, many insiders say that the next step is compulsory vaccinations for adults, penalized by loss of Medicare and Social Security benefits we have actually already paid for. Trump is the first — and only —presidential candidate to come out strongly against forced vaccination. He dares to talk about the overwhelming scientific evidence of the link between autism and vaccinations, the dramatic increase in the number of required vaccinations, and our basic human right to not have multiple toxins —ranging from formaldehyde to monkey DNA — forced into our systems.

Similarly we see in broad daylight — dramatically ramped up during the Obama administration — the spraying of heavy metal nanoparticles in the skies, and how it reduces sunlight, sickens citizens, and alters weather patterns, yet we are given absolutely no official confirmation that this is actually happening, and if we press the point are only told that our lying eyes and over-inquisitive minds amount to a “fringe conspiracy theory” that must be stamped out in the fight against the inchoate “climate change” enemy. Well, Trump sees through this “global warming scam” and values “pure water” and “clean air” over the vast expenditures now spent to poison the planet and turn its atmosphere into something resembling Venus.

After being sickened by the rampant escalation of geoengineering and GMO pesticides in our foods under Obama, we are now forced to buy exorbitantly-priced health insurance with the pharmaceutical “solutions” that now control the minds, bodies and finances of the population. Such coercion is un-American to Trump; he vows to repeal Obamacare and force the vast health insurance octopus to compete for our business instead of leading us further down the road to drug and treatment addiction.

For eight years now we have experienced an economic downturn objectively as bad as the Great Depression, deliberately created to blur national borders, destroy national currencies, systematically send production to the lowest-wage parts of the world, and force middle-class families to take on unimaginable levels of debt out of sheer survival. Instead of actual relief, we are fed food stamps from borrowed money and phony stats about full employment, great growth prospects, and the natural global economy, all so the criminals who created the crisis can through many years of free money be reliquified at the expense of the 99.9999999+% of the world’s population. Trump looks for a solution to this unfathomable level of debt and hopelessness to the past, before the invisible international bankers took over the American political system in 1913. Before the federal income tax was imposed to support the infinite debt required by the bankers who now issue our currency, the country survived and prospered by tariffs on foreign goods. Why not try actually lowering people's taxes and supporting American companies and workers? Trump knows the US has the natural resources, infrastructure, spirit of innovation and, most importantly, consumers, to once again be the most powerful economy in the world. He also vows to end the crony capitalism that infects not only the government but the economy at every level. Why not run the federal government like a business that is accountable to its shareholders: We the People?

Make no mistake, the system will not go down easily under President Trump. The financial powers will try to push the self-destruct button even before he takes office, as its hounds of hell media and clone politicians shriek “racism”, “sexism” “division,” “Hitler” in unison as if their entire existence doesn’t depend on dividing the American people into factions. For they know how easily we can be united, and they fear more than anything else that Trump will follow through on his promises to make us one country again. He wants to protect our rights by empowering local police, local schools, local businesses, appointing Supreme Court justices who vow to defend the bill of rights, ending the wars in the Middle East instead of starting new ones, and reversing this trend toward “globalization” that the citizens never consented to. But beyond all these sensible policy prescriptions he wants America to follow its heart, for we are always, easily, one at heart, and it is in the call of the heart we can believe in ourselves once again.