Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Disappearing Fairy Circles

Washboard ripples,
     moving lines of force
In paper-thin intersections,
     slow across glass,
Lilac foam
     as the lavender surf rolls in,
Rainbows in its wake,
     the curtains loosen and tighten,
     that exist for us only as beauty,
As purposeless as we believe
     our lives to be ...

The last spike of peach holds on
     against the human mind.
Everything else has been denied,
     by being understood.
How could we ever be explained
     by the mechanics?
Our lusts, our thirsts, our drives?
     The wall called
Understanding has been placed
      here between us
As the mystery still
      feverishly swirls.
You want to know
      because you already knew
And were waiting for the moment
      to connect.
But now you are disputed.
      The slut, the whore,
How could she
      want me anymore?

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