Friday, June 3, 2016

Landscape with Water Fairies

I can’t be what I am
               For I can see
                              There’s something else
To envy:
                 The scent of the sunny side
                                                    Egg flower
—The two dogs who carry one stick
                               In their mouths—
The gnats who dance in rapturous patterns—
The egret in thickened muck who sleeps
                               The sun’s rays down,
                  Pond skin jostling like a skirt—
Even the brown summer stalks that
        Accept the drape of white
                                                   Sunned glaze
              Are secure in their nobility,
                       Their purpose is their essence,
                                                    As breathing—

While I, I go crazy
                                Being only an eye,
The richness of it all
                 Goes into my system.
We want to become everything
                                    Because we are nothing.

A quiver comes over us
                                         Not like the breeze that
Thinks the bees
                    To the roses.
Dust rises from shoes,
                    Ignites the late air,
Stilling the moment, only for us
             And only for us come violet spheres
                         Bubbling from the sun
                                 —Letting us in on the secret—
They dance like the gnats
             And join into shapes
Of violet, blue, maroon and green energy
In pendulous sway of glistening light
             And fly out over the water.
                                                                We all see it.

But then the periwinkle mist rolls in from the sea
             To cover the spreading sun
--Too much incandescence, it’s too acute,
Too naked this revelation
            We’re not supposed to view…

Fading to purple like the carrot
            With the red, red leaf.

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