Thursday, November 29, 2012

Encore: Hello

Your tongue becomes the surf
Your breath the salty spray
Your kiss the surge that moves the earth and sky
Your eye the moon
Your curves are mountain tops
And all I am collapses in your arms.

Two gull wings glide
It too fills me with such joy
But it is all only really
The pain of separation;
What we call pain
Is how that pulls us from ourselves.

And so the train bell calls the travelers home
And I release one key
From the chain,
Collect one other.
All I knew of love was simply wrong.
It’s just a little further off,
That is to say


the walking man said...

What a mixture of pain and hope. present and future. I Like it.

Jack said...

The beginning reminded me of someone being one's world, like that expression, "You're my world." There's slang, I think, that involves referring to a girlfriend/wife as "earth."

So if a key is exchanged, does that mean the thing to which it corresponds is no longer viable? That's the notion I got, anyway.