Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Smattering of Snow

the sadness
to the soil,
the toil of sense
 and consequence
to bury like a cross
 that flutters in the earth
that's only life and death

Love takes these
solid forms
so we may let
what we love go
- for that's how pure
we have to be
to know
who we are,


Jack said...

This is so great. The lesson and insight are unfailingly apt.

I think of forms that have come and gone, that have exited when moments die...sometimes, I think it's worthwhile, letting go to know myself. Other times, I devolve to cliches, like, "Life would be easier without whatever lamentable thing."

the walking man said...

The physical representations of what we are (can be) you are correct we need them so we know that there is ore of us to touch than simple flesh and slightly more complex mind.