Monday, September 10, 2012

Only In Dreams

Only in dreams is there consciousness
—No footnotes of mind: "we're aware"—
No care how the maze we created got there,
How bewildering the symbols are to us.

There we're the soul that we bow to and bless,
No parsing of breathing and heaven,
No mourning a world that can never awaken
Or look out for its own precious interests.

All answers lead back to the labyrinth,
The walls that divide from the unity.
Past the feeling of some deeper memory
No distinction will stay to imprint.

We wake to the maze, in its haze we're caught
Lost in the fractured confusion
Soon seeking the safety of our own sun
Whose sphere turns as slowly as our thoughts.


the walking man said...

Personally I have no touchstone with this one Bill. When I sleep there are no dreams only deep blackness. I fall out without knowing it, no haze to go through just BANG OUT! Then the same waking eyes open to full consciousness. They tested me for insanity and found I passed directly through REM sleep to gone away. ha ha ha I think they were wrong---their machine was busted. they should have tested me for dreams while my eyes were open.

Jack said...

Awesomely subtle (yet noticeable) rhymes throughout.

Second verse resonated with me. People really do parse breathing and heaven, that was incredibly well-put.

erin said...

time and time again it is revealed that the self, the ego, the i, is that thing which separates us from the whole. when self was born, so too was language and yet language and the self, now, are the only ways back through the labyrinth, that is excepting through dream:)