Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mid-Year Review

And just like a busboy annoyed at no burn
the CEO walked off the combat carpet
and all we were left was a curt, quick-drawn note:
"our vision is undiminished, thanks to You,
in mutual pursuit of unlimited excellence.
There's nothing to see here, go on with your lives."

And nothing changed in our sun-drenched day,
the levers were so far away, but the father
whose wrath we concocted like a mythical beast in our hearts
was dispensed. The spears were unused,
the chits for late-night candle burning unredeemable.
He'll "pursue other opportunities, effective immediately."

And the tirades where laptops were sacrificed as examples,
the Friday late firings for fun—all done
and gone like a mighty storm passed long ago.
To think of his coffins and parachutes of gold
or the golf swing he mastered while we were here working
is to waste time in bitterness, when there's more to be done,

what existed before him, and continues forever,
the thought and reaction that rolls down the line
as psyches are struck by the mirror-shard grinding
of victims and victors, survivors and saints.
It's not for their hideous waste that these behemoths thrive
but our crossing of boundaries and sharing of space.

And each passing smile and personal affront is a gift
the Corporation is there to serve.

1 comment:

Jack said...

I've been thinking about a day when collusion ends. Could we move forward in such a way that bogeymen are invoked to diminish the prior times ("concocted like a mythical beast")? That would be great, like doing essential work in the stead of being bitter.