Sunday, August 26, 2012

Three Resting Poems

I. Hope Terrace
The monarch spreads and closes
like the cover of a book
as it ravishes the lilac
like a reader with its limbs
then it flies away like pages
on the other side of sight

II. Deepspring Wood
You cannot hear the water
jiggling on stones
above haze of cicadas
waving heaven's rattles
the bubbles through the hatch
break to ripple supernovas
but the leaves lay still as death
on the waters
and the only way you'd know
the stream was moving
was the way the trees and sky
bounce off against the surface
with a wobble

III. Eden Road
The people here have roots
as dug in as the stones
but the black sunflower
comes from far away
to claim its dibs
on their eternity


Anonymous said...

The book/reader conceit was great--information is getting transferred.

In Deepspring Wood, you managed to give the scene life beyond a notional "things are alive." Like an epochal breath connecting everything, I don't know.

the walking man said...

The three work together nicely to form a whole. a walk about in a place at once familiar though unknown. Though I could never live on Eden rd. (I like my world a little mustier, dirtier, darker) I do not begrudge them the laying of a root where they are comfortable.

Hannah Stephenson said...

Butterfly as book---that's wonderful (and very Wonderland-y).

Resting Poems...I like these three little elixirs.