Monday, August 27, 2012

Song: Far From Stars

I'll pull you from the hellfire of time
fallen angel little daughter of mine
your present moment never ends
a brand-new world full of brand-new friends
until you think of who you are
and see how far you are from stars
that's when I tell you 'bout the law
that's when you fall into the flaw
where you earn while you burn
and you burn while you learn

How can I be right
when I divvy up your light for the night
chasing demons from the dreams in your bed
put ideas in your magical head
and when you finally pause to stop
after I've pushed it to the top
that's when my heart begins to turn
that's when I get my body to burn
so you'll learn while you burn
and you'll burn while you earn


Jack said...

Reading lyrics aloud to oneself is many, many leagues different from hearing the words performed. Basically, I cannot do lyrics any emotive justice.

erin said...

your voice is many different things. this in and of itself is remarkable to me, never mind the lyrics and the playing. add to this the performance of this piece. i love this piece, william. it is an intimate look into your life, your family. it burns)))

ohhh...and then cathedral street begins and your tom waitish voice grinds its way into the world...