Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Night Poetry Reading

No poem today, instead a random mini-reading (hat tip Hannah)

Merlin by Edwin Muir:

The Days Unexploded Landmines from a week ago Friday:

Off Maryland Avenue from Phoenix, 2007


Rusty Kjarvik said...


I am enjoying your refreshingly unique cadence from your Saturday Night reading, it's rare that I find an authentic, original voice in Spoken Word, an art in and of itself very hard to find done well in my opinion. Your accented slurring adds just the right touch of humor and your articulations are spot on. These are my humble opinions of course, I don't mean to throw any self-consciousness at you...

I so appreciate your vibrant and profound depth to your recent comments on my site. I am ever grateful and continue to be inspired towards a wealth of contemplation and exploration from your insights. The Robert Graves piece is especially haunting!

Oh, and I've forwarded your comment on the Koan bit where you remarked on the extraterrestrial designation of human fate to a dear friend living out in the sticks of Western MA who's into that kind of thing, and coupled with a recent dream encounter with Thoth, have a real interesting upcoming post in the works!

Hannah Stephenson said...

Yay! Really great to hear you here...hope you share lots more!