Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A Note from Ricoeur

The cogito reduction,
That darkened box
Hurtling beyond the trap of the senses,
Deified doubt
As indisputable,
Because no soldiers of the dialectic
Could pose on the other side --
Skepticism canceled skepticism,
No negation could oppose a void ...

When, in fact,
The all-seeing "I"
Was discovered
In the act of thinking,
An aha moment
Forever outside
Any other self
And thus invalid
In disputation,
The truth of how being
Emerges from the darkness

While that which is obviously false
Becomes proven.
The darkness
All too apparent,
Oh but the light ...
You have to take my word for it.

We've seen these powers of the mind
Before, the atom bomb, the Holocaust,
How it can fold in on itself
To nothingness,
But of the light
We barely know,
Just an inkling it is there.