Monday, April 15, 2019

Phi Phi Decalcomania

The monoliths rise
Above the glassy waters
Every morning it seems

With messages from the deep
To be paid attention to
Because impossible

They've found a way
To stay upright
In the all-consuming jungle

A certain grace of posture
The offer
Of a shore

With all sacred meaning
Taken care of
For you

You can lay there if you choose
On the beach all day
Try to keep your worries away

The beauty of the cliffs
More or less permanent
Has been supplanted

By the impermanent kind,
Scores of Asian girls
Posing in the waters

Vexing themselves
Into the allure
Of images

To share with the world
In a way the jagged cliff face
Never will

Still, clouds form
Themselves out of
Those shapes