Friday, September 2, 2016

Hölderlin Epigram: Root of All Evil [Wurzel alles Übels]

Agreed we exist, that’s god-like and good; then where does it come from,
    This dismal addiction, that but one and one only exists?

Einig zu sein, ist göttlich und gut; woher ist die Sucht denn
    Unter den Menschen, daß nur Einer und Eines nur sei?

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erin said...

maybe i don't read this right, or maybe i'm tired, or who knows, but late in the evening i wonder if it is we who have the nature of "one" wrong. what if it is not the singular and exclusive one (which is dismal!), but rather the all inclusive one? what if there is only one consciousness and we've just not paid attention to the greater image?